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Welcome to Être!

In our collections you will find your bracelet, your necklace, your cufflinks... the detail you were missing to express your personality!

Our background is associated with the spectrum of design outside the fashion area, which allows us to look at the aesthetics of our accessories outside the normal industry standards. We bring to our creations soul, colour, form and freedom to touch, feel and interpret the world and fashion the way we want. Without rules or impositions... like the essence we are all made of. The accessories we develop are a cosmopolitan geometry of feelings that will merge in that essence of each one.

ÊTRE is also synonymous of fashion, versatility and lifestyle. We look for the need and the trend, to subsequently set the standard of materials, function and practicality of our ideas.  The time and dedication of our craftsmen are the key ingredients of this formula. And so, each piece is as unique and irreproducible as the person for whom it is intended. Bracelets, jewellery, wallets, belts, cufflinks, here you will find an extension of your personality, whether you are a man or a woman.


ÊTRE Artisan, always designing the new and the authentic - Authenticity Makers!