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    What and who we are

    Odoo - Exemplo 1 para três colunas

    While ago we started this adventure of creating men's accessories, original and unique, although many women use them (and we love that they do it).

    Perhaps the reason we exist is our characteristic of free-thinkers, in which we look at the aesthetics of our objects outside the normal standards of the sector.

    Perhaps also because our entire path and qualifications are associated with the spectrum of design outside the fashion area and the world of marketing, we look for out of the box creations. Our process is very similar to an R&D department in a haute couture studio. We look for the need and the trend to later establish the standard of materials, function and practicality of our ideas. Thus, we started to develop the use of colors and the handcraft technique that satisfies our aesthetic taste and our high quality standards. We are not tied to jewelery techniques or street-art or even textile and tanning sector, but we absorb like sponges the best that exists to achieve the desired effect. Hence the cord, cotton, nylon, sisal, silver, stone, enamel, leather, dyeing, vinyl, sieving, burning, modeling, gluing, watchmaking and a pallet full of influences that we are proud to use, never before learning from artisans in the specialty - which enriches us a lot. The more mature Être becomes, the more important is the design of the transversality objects created and to be created by us in the near future. You will surely find in your collections your bracelet, your necklace, your cufflinks ... your accessory that will be part of your personality!

    Always designing the new and the authentic - Authenticity Makers

    Porto, 15 January 2020

    M. (co-founder and CEO)